We analyze the work of the transport company

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The purchase of transport services is a difficult and time-consuming process. A competent logist should know how to choose a transport company with a high level of service and an adequate price tag. But there are many pitfalls in this process, and “error training” can result in significant losses for the supplier company. Therefore, it is worth preferring only proven companies, for example Miami Movers http://bestpricemovingquotes.com/best-price-miami-moving-areas/.

Where to start?

Before selecting a transport company, you must determine which tasks it will solve. The main task of this stage is to find a middle ground between the number of transport companies and the budget. In other words, collect an adequate pool of carriers and not spend too much money.

Formulate a strategy by answering three basic questions:

  • what types of transportation you will use;
  • how many transport companies you are ready to work with (note that for each carrier you need to find a replacement in case of an emergency);
  • what is the logistics budget.
  • Note that these parameters may change over time.

Depending on the set of tasks, it will become clear whether you should contact a wide-ranging transport company or look for a more niche solution: for example, a contractor for transporting small volumes of goods with strict compliance with the temperature regime or companies working with prefabricated goods.

Performance assessment

When comparing transportation costs in different periods, you need to take into account whether the introductory ones (for example, rates or charging logic) have changed. For different directions, you need to conduct modeling.

This approach allows a more detailed elaboration of the budget in various areas. For example, if with a new contractor transportation from Moscow to Novosibirsk will rise in price several times, but at the same time goods in this direction are rarely sent, this will not have a significant impact on the budget.

What do you need to know about transportation companies?

Modern transport companies win over customers by providing not only transport services, but also some additional services, including the assistance of logistics, insurance of the cargo transported, security and escort, the ability to track the cargo on-line, the help of loaders and loading equipment, the provision of secure warehouses for the temporary storage of goods preparing for shipment, assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation for transportation, transportation of goods “door to door.”

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