Andorra la Vella is a charming little capital in the heart of the Pyrenees

When you see the town of Andorra la Vella live or in a photo, you can be pleasantly surprised that such a fabulous picture is part of our reality, not a fantasy movie. It is the highest mountain city in Europe and the capital of the famous dwarf state of Andorra. Drowning in the green on the endless expanses of the Pyrenees, surrounded by sharp mountain peaks piercing the sky, intoxicating clean air and low prices – alluring Andorra La Vella is able to entice even those who do not consider themselves a romantic. You can also find a cheap property mallorca if you are looking for a property near the sea.

The capital of Andorra is one of the seven “parishes” that make up this state. It has been playing the role of main city since 1278, more than seven centuries ago. And, of course, it could not but affect the local way of life and appearance of the center of the Principality. Ancient streets remember the times of the Middle Ages, and small architectural treasures – ancient houses, fascinate with their authenticity. For the city, which is home to only about 22 thousand people, there are many sights here, and the natural treasures and beauties can be told for hours.

The city was founded, one version by Catalan smugglers, the other by King Charlemagne. However, it is known that life in this secluded corner in the heart of the Pyrenees was keyed in the early IX century. Over time, it did not fade away and became only more active – today many fans of traveling around Europe have heard about this cozy place. The numerous advantages of Andorra La Vella have contributed to it: its secluded location high up in the mountains, but also its developed infrastructure, thermal springs, on the basis of which beautiful spa resorts were opened. But first of all, it is the mountains. They make a unique face of this town, presenting natural landscapes of stunning beauty, which can be admired from anywhere in Andorra La Vella, creating a special atmosphere. They attract winter sports enthusiasts flocking here in season from all over Europe and more.

What is Andorra La Vella like?

Life in the capital of the Principality of Andorra is not when a small settlement, lost in the mountains, is isolated. Tourists in the season that lasts from November to April outnumber the local population by a factor of ten. That is why 80% of GDP for the whole principality is tourism, and it is work in the field of tourist services for many residents of this town is the main occupation and income. In the period from May to October, life here too does not stop. Festivals and other cultural events are held regularly during the warm season, and winter fun and sports are replaced by football. In such a small town there are two stadiums of the Football Federation of Andorra functioning at once, and games are regularly held, gathering thousands of fans.

Ancient history, natural treasures and mild climate encourage year-round tourists to visit the city. In winter the average temperature is around -1 degrees Celsius, and in summer it is around +20. The constant attention of tourists coming to Andorra La Vella to admire the scenery, to enjoy a holiday away from the noise of the big cities without losing comfort, to breathe clean air and improve health at the thermal springs, to have fun on the ski slopes and taste the delicious food for which the local restaurants are famous, has caused many foreigners to show a great interest in the city. Do business or buy a villa or apartment in Andorra-la-Vella wanted investors from Spain, France, England and many other countries.

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