Window Security & Smart Home Technology

One of the latest innovations for home security is from Marvin Windows and it’s truly a game changer. With the onslaught of smart home technology, there has come a new demand to integrate security into these systems. This means a security system that operates via your smart home tech on all your openings including your windows. In response to the demand for smart home & security Marvin Windows have developed their new Lock Status Sensor. Let’s take a deeper look at this cool new window tech. 


The new Marvin Lock Status Sensor brings smart home capabilities to the superior performance of Marvin windows and doors. The Lock Status Sensor is a factory-prepped solution that’s ready for wired or wireless connectivity. This means that every window and door equipped with the Lock Status Sensor is delivered, ready to install, without the need for after-market modification. It’s simple, affordable and can tell you if your windows are closed & locked or unlocked & open, which gives you peace of mind without compromising the beauty of your windows.


The Lock Status Sensor comes already equipped from the factory with your new windows or doors from Marvin. This makes installation a snap. Also, the Lock Status Sensor is totally open source and can integrate with any smart home ecosystem! But that’s not all – the lock status sensor also:

  • Indicates when your window or door is unlocked or closed and locked*
  • Integrates seamlessly into your new or existing security system via wired or wireless connection
  • The concealed design preserves the beauty of your Marvin windows and doors without impacting performance
  • Forward-thinking design allows you to upgrade your system as technology changes
  • Compatible and ready to connect with leading third-party home automation HUB and service providers.


Marvin designed the Lock Status Sensor to be “system-agnostic” which makes it easy to adapt to changes in technology so you won’t have to worry about their window or door sensors becoming obsolete. Unlike competitive solutions, Marvin Lock Status Sensors are one of the only to completely hide the sensor components inside the window and hardware, so your windows and doors can maintain their beauty without cumbersome components sticking out.

FROM MARVIN: An Installer can easily integrate the window or door into an existing or new smart home security system by attaching the two wire leads to a wired low-voltage network or by using a wireless radio transmitter (provided by others).
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