Unusual bonuses in online casinos

If you are looking for a reliable online casino, then you should use this site https://slots-online-canada.com/review/all-slots-casino/. Each casino has different bonus offers for players. You should study them so that you don’t make a mistake when choosing a casino.

Bonuses for the proposed method of payment

Many online casinos offer small bonuses of 10-20% on all deposits, which the user makes through the recommended payment system. As you know, a small commission of about 3% is charged when making a deposit through most payment systems. With such bonuses, the institution not only encourages the client but also compensates his expenses on depositing through unpopular systems with high commissions. The bonus amount comes out modest, but it is not very difficult to wagering. If this method of depositing makes sense to you, it makes sense to try the bonus as well.

Bonuses for regular and VIP players

Each online casino has its own way of encouraging regular and most active users. Regular players are entitled to regular bonuses (monthly, quarterly, weekly), individual bonuses on their birthday, for referring a friend, participating in tournaments and promotions organized by the online casino. For a certain number of bets, all players are awarded additional bonus points – comp points, which can later be exchanged for money. But the biggest and most profitable bonuses with soft wager requirements go to players with VIP status. All online casinos value their VIP customers and try to encourage them in every way.

Sticky and phantom bonus

These bonuses are not popular, which is why most casinos do not use the term “sticky” or “phantom” in their promotions. The fact is that the sticky bonus cannot be withdrawn from the account even if the player has fulfilled all the conditions on the wager. It can only be used for betting. When you withdraw funds, the account will be written off the amount won and the balance of your deposit, which was not used for betting. Hence the strange name “sticky”, as this type of bonus kind of sticks to the gaming account. The advantage of a sticky bonus is that it helps the player to make bigger bets, and it helps the casino owners to fight bonus hunters.

At this point, there are hardly any “sticky” bonuses left. They have been replaced by “phantom” bonuses, which now have another unpleasant property – to disappear from the gaming account. This happens at the moment when the player cashes his winnings. Simple or sticky bonuses remain on the account even after withdrawal: it is possible to continue playing and winning with this money. A phantom bonus is deducted the first time you try to withdraw money from your account.

Refundable Bonus (Cashback) 

This is the rarest bonus, which is more often used by young online casinos to build up a customer base. These institutions offer to compensate for a possible loss through a special bonus, allowing them to return some part of the lost money. Most often it’s 5-25% of the lost amount, while the casino may set some restrictions on the use of the refund bonus. A refund bonus is considered the most unprofitable for online casinos, so it’s unlikely you’ll find it in a solid institution with a rich clientele.

Conditions when playing with bonuses

As you have already understood, in order to receive bonus money a player must perform certain actions, such as registering, making a deposit, inviting a friend, or fulfilling other conditions of the online establishment. Banners and pop-ups, which invite the player to take advantage of the bonus, do not provide him with full and correct information regarding the conditions of this promotion. The most important points of the rules of the game with bonus money can be found only in a special section on the website of the online casino. You can find a reliable online casino here https://slots-online-canada.com/.

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