Secrets of outdoor advertising

Advertising is as much an integral part of the modern world as the Internet or television, without which it is impossible to imagine our being. With the help of advertising, it is possible to convey to every consumer all the necessary information and thereby offer a choice in fair competition.

Experts agree that outdoor advertising is one of the most effective types of advertising. This is mainly due to the large, and sometimes simply huge, sizes, up to a thousand or more people daily pass by advertising posters. Banner advertising is a banner with a printed image, which is placed in crowded places. Less commonly, such an advertising medium is used along the tracks, but the image in this case more often serves as a reference point on the ground. Trolls are also made from banner fabric (banner banners placed across the roadway). This type of advertising is also popular, especially in high traffic cities like New York. It is best to look for a local company that is involved in sign installation nyc. So you will have the opportunity to get the highest level of service.

Banner advertising is popular today and this trend will continue in the coming years, there is no doubt about it. Among the main advantages of printing on a banner: relative cheapness, print speed, durability of the advertising canvas, ink resistance to fading, excellent performance even at extreme temperatures, and high print quality (up to 1440 dpi). It is the high quality of printing that made it possible to use banners for interior design, this issue is especially relevant when designing stores and points of sale.

How to make banner advertising more effective? It’s easy if you are guided by our advice at the creation stage:

  • Use only bright colors in advertising, this will help visually highlight the poster among others. Bright and catchy advertising should attract the eye;
  • Advertising should not use too long, difficult to pronounce or read words, the text should be simple and clear. Avoid obscure images – they are also unlikely to help achieve your goals;
  • Convince the consumer of the exclusivity of the advertised product, the listed advantages of your product can help;
  • You should not think in a standard and “stereotyped” way, let your advertisement cause surprise or curiosity, perhaps even a little shock;
  • If you use an appropriate joke or apt statement in advertising, this will significantly increase the chances that you will be remembered;
  • Do not place several advertised products on one poster, each plot should encourage the purchase of only one product, otherwise the entire advertising campaign will not make sense.

As you know, these are not all the nuances of creating outdoor advertising. Of course, if you do not have experience in this area, then it is worth entrusting the creation and planning of the advertising campaign to professionals. And finally – a few tips on how to make your billboard (banner, etc.) more visible and bring real benefits!

  1. Application of reflective film to banner fabric. At night, under the light of headlights and lamps, the banner begins to sparkle, which attracts the attention of others. The price of such a film is very low.
  2. The technology of “breaking the pattern.” A template is what we are used to. Surprise the buyer with the slogan. You must be different from your competitors, so avoid template words.
  3. Use as few words and small graphic elements as possible on the billboard. In three seconds, your potential customer should understand what is being advertised. Therefore, the banner should be very clear.
  4. Placing watches, thermometers on an advertising structure. The technology is quite simple and low cost.
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