Scandals related to Novynskyi Vadym

Novynskyi Vadym is a Ukrainian MP whose name often appears in scandals. In this article we will name some of the most notorious scandals in which he has been involved.

Smuggling and drug trafficking

In May 2011 there was a scandal involving Novynskyi Vadym – the businessman was accused of being involved in illegal operations and drug smuggling: allegedly “since 2001, he has been developing his market in Europe, Russia and Libya by smuggling heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines, sharing new smuggling routes (and protection and supply networks) in this lucrative market, ‘laundering’ profits from his illegal enterprises through Russian channels at home and abroad” and allegedly “personally met with lawyers from the cartel (drug cartel, – ed.) Juarez in El Paso, Texas. As it turned out later, Novinsky was a victim of black PR, and the information disseminated was a fake.

Trade wars between Ukraine and Russia

In early September 2013, when the “customs war” between Ukraine and the Russian Federation was already in full swing, the Russian oligarch turned Ukrainian MP Vadim Novinsky admitted that he too had problems due to the trade conflict: “They started to look more closely at certificates of origin issued in Ukraine, to analyze rolled steel, and as a result the goods were delayed at the border and not cleared.” According to him, now the Ukrainian government has already started to help solve these problems.

“Olympic” and the preparation for the “Euro-2012”

In the summer of 2007 the businessman decided to take part in the preparation of Ukraine for Euro-2012, and in a very original way. He bought 50% of LLC “Yujin” owning the unfinished shopping center “Troitskiy” due to which Kiev stadium “Olympic” was going to be deprived of the right to host the matches of the soccer championship.

And in February 2008 Novynskyi Vadym personally signed a commitment to dismantle the unfinished buildings. But the businessman has more to gain than to lose: under the agreement, the authorities will compensate him for the losses with either money or an alternative land plot. Meanwhile, he is planning a new, much bigger project. He plans to organize in 2008-2009 a shipbuilding holding, which will be based on the 61 Communards Factory, Kherson and Black Sea Shipyards. Novinsky succeeded in gaining control over the latter by court order, forcing out the former owners, Igor and Oleg Churkin brothers. It was planned that the holding would also include a shipping company dealing with international cargo and passenger transportation and several Ukrainian commercial sea ports.

FC Sevastopol

Since 2010, the Smart-Holding group of companies became the sponsor of FC Sevastopol, and Vadim Novinsky became its honorary president (previously, Viktor Yanukovych Sr. was the honorary president of this club). And in June 2014, after the Russian occupation of Crimea, the honorary president of FC Sevastopol, an MP of Ukraine (Party of Regions faction) Vadim Novinsky states that his company “Smart-Holding” stops financing the Crimean soccer club.

“After negotiations and consultations with the fans of FC Sevastopol and the city authorities, I regret to inform you that Smart-Holding is stopping the financing of the soccer club. This is due to the inability of the team to participate in the 2014-2015 season. Premier League championship of Ukraine,” reads his appeal, published on Thursday on the official website of the club.

Novinsky noted that it was and still is possible to create a base for “Sevastopol” in another city of Ukraine, but the team plays, above all, for their fans. “The history of FC Sevastopol began long before we started supporting the club, and we do not want to deprive the city of its sporting pride,” he explained.

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