Replacing Windows Before Winter

Are you thinking about replacing the windows and doors in your home? Have you been putting it off? Living in a place with seasonal shifts like Michigan, the timing of a project like this is important. Replacing your windows can expose your home to the weather elements to a certain degree, and can be a bit easier earlier in the year before the weather gets too bad.

To minimize your home’s exposure and control heat or cool loss as much as possible, AOA’s installers will replace your windows one at a time. For larger openings, our team will use plastic to help close off the work area and minimize the impact to that room. This will help protect your home during installation no matter the time of the year.

However, West Michigan winters can be cold and unpredictable. So, it’s better to replace windows & doors before winter weather officially blows in. Here are a few more reasons you should consider window replacement now rather than waiting until our West Michigan winter really hits:


As the temperatures dip, old glass becomes brittle and fragile. This can lead to bad insulation properties and broken windows if the problem isn’t addressed. Old windows can even have frames and sills coated in lead paint. Over time, this paint can chip, presenting a lead danger to young children and pets in the home. Old windows are also commonly equipped with single-paned glass. This means they allow more moisture into the house than new, double-paned windows. Over time, this moisture can build up in the glass, window frames, and wood material in the window, causing mold and mildew to build up and seep into the home.


Windows can be your homes biggest source of energy waste. The harsher the weather, the more gaps in your window and door seals let the cold air in. Which means, if your windows and doors are old, they can affect your utility bills more than you might think. Old windows let in too much light, leak cold air, making temperature regulation more difficult for your home. New windows can regulate the temperature in your home better, reducing your energy costs significantly.


The last thing you want is for your window replacement to feel like an emergency. Instead of rushing to get things done before that first big winter storm rolls in or the holidays arrive, getting your windows replaced earlier makes the whole process less stressful on you. You can take more time choosing a contractor, your unique window styles, and feel better about the entire process.


We’ve been replacing windows in West Michigan homes for over 15 years, making our installers experts at installing new windows in any season.

However, we’ve learned that addressing the issues that old windows can cause early, and performing the replacement before the weather gets too harsh, will make the entire process easier on you.

If you have questions about the installation process, or if you’re not sure what window replacement options will be best for you and your home; schedule a free, no-pressure in-home consultation with one of our consultants. We would be pleased to help you choose the best doors for your home and your budget.

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