How to get followers on Instagram for free

Free ways that help you gain followers fall into 2 categories: white and gray. The first are considered permitted methods of attracting an audience to your profile, while the second involves trickery. At the initial stages, it is better to stick to the rules of the network and use only legal methods, then you can use the service Let us tell you more about it.


The rate at which you attract your audience depends on how well you name your profile. Sometimes an account has a “speaking” name, it is the most accurate, easy to find through searches and therefore the flow of subscribers is uninterrupted. Therefore, determine for yourself a suitable area of activity and add this word or phrase in the name and description of the profile.Thus, it will be easier for interested users to find you and subscribe, it will be faster to get 1000 subscribers on Instagram.

Contacts in the phone book

Since Instagram is not only a website, but also an app that is installed on your phone, it can, if set up properly, find your contacts so you can communicate online. Allow the system to find your contacts from your phone. To do this, go to settings by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines at the top of the screen.Then click on Settings, then select the top category of subscriptions and invitations.  The screen will present ways to help you gain subscribers to Instagram from scratch on your own.Be sure to select the first line.  This feature allows the app to independently search for people you know by phone number and notify you when they are found.Surely people who know you in real life will surely subscribe to Instagram.

Personal pages in other social networks

Surely you do not need to explain that it is best to promote your activities in several social networks. So, by linking personal pages on different networks, you contribute to attracting new subscribers to Instagram.


These tags have become very popular not only on Instagram, so it is worth adding them to every publication. It is acceptable to specify up to 30, but it is better to use no more than 15. This will help you gain 500 instagram followers. How to understand what hashtags are worth specifying?

  • Think about the essence of the publication, the words that come to mind will be the hashtags. You can study the list of popular tags, you can find them by asking Google. Experts advise to choose not only trending tags, you can also cover the medium and low frequency. This is likely to get your publication in the top search on a particular query;
  • Be sure to include a tag that talks about the location or event. You can attract the attention of an audience that has a similar lifestyle;
  • Look for inspiration from your competitors, you can add your favorite tags to your posts too;
  • Be sure to add a hashtag that your target audience can find you by.For example, if you sell handmade jewelry, be sure to include something like this;
  • Come up with your own hashtag and add it to every post. It would also be great if your customers would include YOUR tag when adding photos and videos. It works for your reputation.


By specifying the locations of your photos, you can get the attention of people in the immediate area. But not always, your target audience is united by geographic location, so don’t expect this method to bring you many Instagram subscribers.


A great way to show your uniqueness, here you can show off your intelligence and wit. Many users read comments under posts that interest them, you can use this for your own promotion. Find closely themed popular publications, both inside and outside of Instagram, and write your opinion. Respond positively to humor and professional comments.

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